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UI/UX Design // iOS Design // Web Design // Design System

With online scamming on the rise, PayProff,  a secure payment service, is one solution working to increase trust between buyer and seller. It's about enabling safe exchanges, so we can all shop with confidence online.

In venturing to new markets, PayProff needed a strong brand, upgraded visual ID, and sleek app and website to put an end to online scammers and establish a solid position in an often distrustful digital world. The result is a fresh and honest take that calls out poor digital etiquette and reassures buyers that there truly is a safer way.

PayProff began its journey as a modest online tool for facilitating escrow transactions. The initial objective was to develop a groundbreaking application that could leverage this innovative technology. In addition, users were to receive timely updates regarding their transactions to guarantee smooth progress. Within this project, my specific responsibility was to concentrate on crafting an app design that harmonised seamlessly with the brand's fresh identity.