Future of car insurance

Undo Kør

UI/UX Design // iOS Design // Design System // Web Design // Motion Design // Webflow

Undo is an Insurance startup in Denmark, with an already well-established app for "basic" insurance, for some time Undo strived to offer smart & fair car insurance.

The difference between Undo Kør and regular car insurance is simple, there is a period where Undo tracks users driving behavior with the app. Users with good driving behavior are rewarded with cheaper car insurance.

Person holding phone from the car window

The Undo Kør app consists of 3 main flows. "The onboarding" where the user input’s personal information, "the test drive" where the user lands on the dashboard to see the latest score and progress within the test-drive (the period where the app tracks driving behavior), the last flow is "customize" where the user can choose coverages for the car insurance.

Undo three flows screens

Design tasks

I was assigned to take a lead on the test drive part of the app. The goal here was to mainly focus on the dashboard. The dashboard is the “Heart” of the app, simply because this is where the users will spend most of the time. It’s where the users can see their scores and progress within the test drive.

My secondary focus was the onboarding part, it's important to let the users know what kind of driving behavior is being tracked. The best way to show this is with animations where it’s explained what to avoid doing in order to get a good score.

The goals mentioned above were I spend most of my time, I also assisted in other not so UI heavy parts of the app.

Driving score insights screens
Person signing into the Undo Kør app

The onboarding includes 5 animations in total, one for speeding, hard braking, hard turns, fast acceleration, and aware driving. The point of these animations was to exaggerate so it’s clear to the user what not to do and if the user fails to understand, there is also a written explainer in a form of a toast message.

Choosing coverages screens
Person holding phone from the car window
Picked coverages screen

Webflow website

The creation of a website for Undo Kør was a short project where the main purpose was to make people curious about the new Undo Kør app, check the coverages Undo offers and download the app. The website was developed in Webflow with a CMS for the other team to manage the content.

Website hero section in a tablet view
Undo Kør home page screens