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UI/UX Design // Web Design // Design system // E-commerce

Driven by curiosity, Alûstre emerged with a desire to unlock the untapped potential of diamonds, leveraging their extraordinary qualities to revolutionise nail polish and luxury products across various categories.

In this project, my role entailed crafting a brand-new online store that harmoniously reflected Alûstre new identity. The primary objective behind the website was to curate an immersive and enlightening experience for customers, fostering inspiration while also imparting knowledge about the benefits of DiamondInfused™ products.

Our collective vision was to create a platform that seamlessly merged aesthetic filled with informative content, enticing visitors to explore an array of product colors and discover the advantages of diamond infusion.

By curating the website's layout, features, and visual elements, our aim was to captivate the audience, ensuring that each visitor would embark on a journey filled with inspiration and understanding. The end result was an online store that not only reflected Alûstre's new brand identity but also served as an enlightening gateway into the world of diamond-infused luxury, fostering a harmonious convergence of aesthetics and education.