Change the game

Skybox Edge

Visual identity // Logo design // Web Design // Brand guidelines

Skybox Edge, a cutting-edge creation by Skybox e-sports technologies, aims to revolutionise the world of professional Counter-Strike players. By challenging the status quo, this groundbreaking tool introduces a new era of analytical excellence. With its comprehensive game analysis capabilities, Skybox Edge empowers pro teams by enhancing their gameplay and providing them with a distinct competitive advantage.

My mission was to craft a compelling visual identity that would perfectly encapsulate the essence of Skybox Edge. This involved creating a distinct logo that would serve as a powerful representation of the brand.

Skybox has emerged as the go-to platform for elite CS:GO teams, offering them unparalleled access to profound match insights and the ability to meticulously analyze their performance. By providing postgame playback and comprehensive platform analytics, Skybox equips these teams with the tools they need to change the game.