Going the extra mile


UI/UX Design // Web Design // Design System // Mobile Design // E-commerce

Vetnordic, a leading player in the veterinary industry, emerges as the ultimate all-in-one supplier. Specialising in consumables for veterinary clinics, Vetnordic strives to be an unparalleled partner and supplier, offering a seamless and highly efficient e-commerce platform. With a firm commitment to excellence, Vetnordic aims to cater to the diverse needs of clinics and establish itself as the preferred choice in the industry.

In this project, my responsibility was to design an e-commerce platform aligned with Vetnordic brand and specifically tailored to enhance the lives of veterinary nurses. The primary objective was to streamline their workflow and free up their valuable time from tedious supply management tasks.

As part of our efforts to establish a seamless workflow, we implemented a highly customisable experience within the e-commerce platform. This entailed empowering veterinary clinics to effortlessly create recurring orders at desired frequencies, generate comprehensive shopping lists, leverage advanced search functionalities, and fast purchases. By providing these features, we aimed to optimise efficiency and ensure a tailored experience that caters specifically to the needs and preferences of each clinic.