Working space platform for web

Nura Space web

UI/UX Design // iOS Design // Design System // IoT

In this project, I was helping Nura Space with redesigning it’s web app platform. I was also asked to design their new platform for meeting room displays with the possibility to create bookings on the spot.

Nura Space is a startup located in Melbourne Australia that offers a digital unified working platform. Combining all workplace features into one platform and optimising day-to-day needs for employees.

Nura Space Web app login screen

The primary purpose of the Nura Space web app is to allow administrators and managers to look into the data and make it easier to manage teams & employees in the office and overall create a better workplace.

The web app also has the same functionality as the mobile app. Therefore the user can create bookings, look at the office floor plan, have a team, and basically do everything from the browser same as from the mobile app.

Dashboard screen
IoT Device dashboard screen
Office space
Team screen

The challange

Nura Space web app was missing a user interface and intuitiveness that made it seem like a wireframe rather than a web application. There was a need to create simple design system and guidelines for colors, 12-column layout, accessibility as well as simplifying all the features integrated within the web platform.

It was also important for me to follow Google material guidelines since the web app was built within Google framework.

Date picker interface screen
Color scheme
Floor plan and booking screen
Filter options screen
Office space

Meeting room displays

Not being able to book a meeting room when needed can be frustrating. To make the office “ecosystem” even more unified, Nura Space launched a new product that will make the meetings in the office a little more convenient and organised. A simple touch screen outside of meeting rooms can easily avoid empty no-show meeting rooms.

Person holding tablet
Meeting room space
Meeting room login screen
Meeting room booking states screens

The meeting room display will help users to confirm attendance in the meeting and if forgotten, the booking will automatically cancel and set the room to available within a few minutes. It’s also possible to quickly book a meeting, schedule and invite people, check availability or extend an existing meeting.

Schedule booking screens