Working space platform for iOS

Nura Space app

UI/UX Design // iOS Design // Design System

In this project, I was helping Nura Space to redesign their current iOS app.

Nura Space is a startup located in Melbourne Australia that offers a digital unified working platform. Putting together all workplace features into one platform and optimising day-to-day needs for employees.

Nura Space app welcoming screen

Nura Space mobile app is combining all workplace features such as desk / room / locker booking, visitors management, team collaboration, workplace analytics, and workplace safety. All the features could easily make the app overwhelming and complex, that’s why simplicity was a priority.

Three screens of the app
Weekly activity screen
Booking screen

Design tasks

Because the previous Nura Space app was an MVP I had to introduce new design system guidelines for colors, layouts, and components that could be reused in different flows and scenarios. There was also the challenge in simplifying the overall user experience for every feature within the app.

Color scheme
Design system modules
Search flow screens
People working in the office
Profile screens

The challenge

Even though the app has many different features the booking one sticks out the most. To put it simply, with this feature the user can book a desk, meeting room, or a locker in the office. The user can schedule a booking, check availability, look at the office floor plan and see who is in the office, or even create recurring bookings in the future.

Because the user will be using this particular feature often I made sure it’s easy to find and navigate. On the other hand, I didn’t want the user to overlook all the other capabilities that this app offers. So I have created shortcuts. Shortcuts are presented as one of the first things the user will see in a form of clickable cards. This will allow the user to make use of all the main features in one place. This could be clocking your work time, finding a colleague in the office or booking your favourite desk.

Available desk screen
Office desk
Calendar screen
Check-in screen
Light and dark mode user interface

To make the app a little more engaging, we have introduced teams. The user, most likely the team leader will have an option to create a team and invite colleagues. Because this is an early idea it has very basic features such as team weekly office attendance, Setting a goal to how many times people should be in the office per week, team members overview, and team announcements.

Team screen
Searching teams screen
Team members screen