One-man design studio


Visual Identity // Brand // Logo Design // Web Design

Although HundredPixels is a one-man show, I treat it as a separate entity that needs visual identity to stand out from the crowd and have its own voice.

Black & white with a touch of purple mixed together with soft squared shapes lay the visual foundation of the brand.

Logo displayed on a plastic wrap

HundredPixels logotype is a custom-made serif. Some of the letters feel almost like they are missing pieces/pixels which also tells a story of something never completely finished. Rounded dots serve as the backbone for the logo symbol, when scaled and put next to each other they create a shape of two rounded squares that are later turned into “00” or the number “Hundred”.

Supportive elements on dark background
Supportive elements on light background

Supportive elements

In order to tighten the brand, I have created a couple of supportive elements that can be used both digitally and in print.

The phrase “Design, Develop, Innovate” stands for what the brand strives to do. It’s put into circular shape because it’s a process that rather never ends but evolves over time.

Business cards
Letter envelope
Catalog preview

I think of HundredPixels as something simple, fundamental but yet unique. The purple color is utilised as an accent color that highlights information or draws attention to something. The purpose of the purple color is also dependant on the background that’s why the shade of black and white plays an important role and needs to be used as background.

HundredPixels web in phone view
Poster on a wall
Billboard on the building
Tote bag with stickers
HundredPixels web in phone view
VHS tape